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Digital Frame with Video Calling

Instantly & effortlessly share photos, videos, and start video calling directly with loop.

Digital Frame with Video Calling

Instantly & effortlessly share photos, videos, and start video calling directly with loop.

Simple technology and interface that won't confuse older or younger family member

Pigment-perfect display

Video Chat with Family

Share Photos & Videos That Appear Instantly On The Device

Instantly Display Your Photos & Videos

Upload any photo or video from your favorite apps or your albums to Loop and it appears instantly--no extra steps needed. Any one of your saved friends can upload anything from anywhere.

It’s that simple.

Private & Secure

4-Hour Battery Life

Controlled Remotely

iOS & Android App

Crystal Clear 10" Screen

Wifi Enabled

One-Click Video Calling

Easily video call with friends and family on their Loop, smartphone, or tablet. Have you ever tried to teach your grandma to Facetime or your dad how to flip the camera?

This is the solution you’re looking for.

Display, View, & Share Your Moments

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Loop is an excellent product. It is the best way to stay up to date with your family and closest friends without the over-exposure and endless fumbling through pages on social networks or through text messages.

- Oleg S. -

We purchased for 98-year old mother who lives 500 miles away in assisted living. The large screen is the best, and even with some vision issues, she sees the photos well. With a bit of memory loss, the repeated cycling of photos is always a delightful discovery.

- Nancy J. -

Great high resolution pictures and easy navigation. I use the product for overseas family, and it’s a highlight of the day for my 76 year old mother. The functionalities on the loop are not available or similar to other products in the category.

- Roderick D. -

We have 3 Loops and the grandparents love it. Now I'm able to easily share photos with my Mom and get her to stop nagging about photos of the grandkids.

- Randomdrive -

The Loop makes it easy for my daughter-in-law to send photos of my grandchildren. Because she can send the photos as they are having their adventures, I feel like I'm there with them!

- Trudi G. -

I like the minimal controls since my 87 year old mother is not very technical. New photos download to her unit in seconds and display very well.

- Norm W. -

My mom has always had trouble loading photos from the computer. This device has made it easy to share my life with my family from afar.

- Lewis H. -

I love our loop! I have one in my home, one at my husband’s office and we just purchased two more for both sets of grandparents. The loop is truly the nicest looking frame on the market and it’s incredibly easy to set up and use.

- Kendra S. -

Loop is a daily part of all of our lives-sharing memories, connecting us to family and friends around the globe, celebrating small and large moments of life, a learning tool and much more! In a time when everything is digital, creating community, connection and care for other people is more important than ever.

- Monica J. -

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High quality screen and home decor-friendly design

Loop beautifully and automatically scrolls through your albums to display your photos and videos in high-def on its best-in-class screen.

Encrypted, Private & Secure

We don’t sell your data. You control who sees your content. Everything is encrypted.

Keep Family Photos In The Family

Keep well-meaning aunts and uncles from oversharing your life on Facebook. Ensure your family’s privacy by sharing what you want with who you want in our closed loop.

Portable, Cordless, & Lightweight

Take Loop from one end of the house to the other. A four-hour battery means you can share those extra-long special moments without worrying about a cord.

Streamline Moments Into Albums

A simple way of organizing content and conversations. Invite only the people you want for each channel to make it more special.

Works With All Your Favorite Apps


Google Photos


Android Albums

iOS Albums

Proven to be The Easiest Technology for Grandparents

Large Screen

Simple Interface

Smartphone-free Operation

Knob Control

Large & Clean Fonts

Remotely Control Settings

Large Screen

Smartphone-free Operation

Large & Clean Fonts

Simple Interface

Knob Control

Remotely Control Settings