The world's simplest digital picture frame. Send pictures directly from your phone!

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The perfect gift for Mom

Share special moments or even day to day life. Add a short message to make it personal.  Pictures and videos show up instantly, anywhere in the world. The new picture will be waiting for her, a special surprise each day. Its the gift that keeps giving.

Anyone can use it, just turn the knobs

Invite your family with one tap in the app

Comment on your favorite photos

Simple and delightful

Easy Setup

Sets up in 2 minutes. Just plug it in and Loop walks you through the steps. 

Tap to "like"

When a new photo arrives, you can just the top of Loop to like a photo. Everyone in the app sees the like. 

Scroll knobs

It has knobs! Just turn the knobs back and forth to scroll through photos. Anyone from can use it.

10" Screen

Big enough that all the pictures look bright and full. Compact enough that it fits anywhere in the home. 


You can even video chat with Loop! Dial in from the app to a Loop. Or between two Loops anywhere in the world.

4 hr battery

Unplug Loop and bring it to the den, kitchen, coffee table - wherever the people are hanging out!