Loop is a digital frame that you text message pictures to... and they show up instantly!

Does Mom still ask you to send more pictures?

Of course she does. :) Staying connected with your family can still be a struggle - especially these days.

Loop makes it easy

Loop is truly the nicest looking frame on the market and it’s incredibly easy to set up and use.

Kendra S. 

How it works: 3 easy ways to share to Loop

1. Text Message

Just add a Loop phone number to a family group chat and all the pictures will get sent to Loop!

2. Google, Apple Photos, Instagram Sync

Loops can sync directly with Google photos, Apple Photo albums and even Instagram Stories. Once you set it up the pictures stream to Loop automagically.

3. Loop App

Uploading a video or big batch of photos? Just open the Loop app and you can send anything from your camera roll in seconds. 


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We love the loop! As a professional photographer I have to say the display on the loop Is amazing, it shows off your images in a artful, vibrant display.  It’s like having a VIP social media with only your family, bc who wants to show the world all the photos that you really just want grandma to see. We LOVE it.

Kendra G.

The Loop makes it easy for my daughter-in-law to send photos of my grandchildren. Because she can send the photos as they are having their adventures, I feel like I'm there with them!

Trudi G.

I like the minimal controls since my 87 year old mother is not very technical. New photos download to her unit in seconds and display very well.

Norm W.

Detailed Specifications

* 10" Screen 

* 8GB storage

* Wifi

* Bluetooth

* Pictures/Videos

* iOS, Android

Other goodies

* Remote Control.- you can control Loop settings from anywhere from the app. 

* Touch Top - large touch sensitive top for 'liking' photos

Gift Mode - pre-program your parents wifi into Loop and ship it over.

Why Buy Loop?

Get your family in the Loop!