Loop FAQ

Top Questions

What is Loop?

Is Loop touchscreen?

How do you setup Loop?

From what sources can I connect photos and videos?

Do I need a smartphone to use Loop?

How do I control my Loop? Does it have a remote? Does my phone act as a remote?

Is an internet connection required?

How do I submit feedback?

Getting Started

What are Channels? How do they work?

How many Channels can I create?

How does videochat work?

How does Loop connect to the internet?

What if my Internet goes down?

Does Loop play videos?

Can multiple people send photos and video to one Loop display?

Can I personalize a photo I send to a Loop display?

Privacy & More

Can my photos and videos be viewed by anyone?

How do I know my photos and videos are safe?

Who owns my content?

Does Loop store my photos and videos for me?

Is Loop portable? Does it have a battery?

Is Loop always on? How do I turn it off?

What are the product dimensions?

Where is Loop made?

Shipping & Returns

What is your refund policy?