Invest in Loop

For a limited time, you can invest to become a stakeholder in one of the best family social networks in the world.

Since releasing Loop Nov 2017, our customer feedback has been incredibly positive. Even though we have limited shipments to within the United States, 5-10% of our Loops have been shipped and activated abroad. Early adopters have shown a strong need for a family centric system to help keep them better connected. With large opportunities in the private family social network space we have a long list of features and functionality ahead of us to make Loop the complete family communication system. We are very proud to let you know that Loop will be accepting public accredited investments to continue this acceleration and we want you to be a part of it!

-Brian, Ethan & Sital, Co-Founders

Campaign Update

June 04 — Hello NYC, we just wrapped up another great investor session in New York, if you couldn't make it out to one of our previous sessions please reach out to for a personal walkthrough of the deck and company vision.

May 29 — It was nice to meet our prospective investors at the beautiful space provided to us by Orange Fab one of the many great partners that believe in Loop and the vision we're pursuing.

May 20 — Thanks to all the early investors, our equity crowdfunding campaign's off to a strong start— over $100,00+ raised!

Investment Q&A

What do you plan to do with the money raised?

The funds will go to expanding sales, kicking off the next production run, enhancing features, and to bring more users onto the platform.

Is this like Kickstarter?

A little bit, but you’re actually investing in the company. This means you share in the company’s future growth and can be a part of the company before any potential exit (an acquisition or IPO).

Why are you raising money from accredited investors?

Loop was raised on the internet by its users. It has always been in our ethos to make the project as open and community-driven as possible.

How do I invest?

The investing process is secured and simple. Follow the "Invest Now" link to go to our SeedInvest profile. Sign up, then click on "Invest in Loop". A widget will take you through choosing the investment amount and to verify your identity. It should take only a few minutes to complete your investment. If you have any issues, feel free to start a live chat with the SeedInvest team or email

Who is SeedInvest?

SeedInvest is one of the top investment crowdfunding platforms in the world. They accepts only 1% of the companies that apply to raise on their platform and we’ve been fully vetted through their due diligence process.

I live in a foreign country, can I still invest?

Yes, SeedInvest allows investments from nearly anywhere in the world with the exception of a few places, most notably Canadian residents.

Upcoming Features


We just put up our first subscriptions test. We will be expanding the value proposition and finding the best features which resonate with the largest paying audience to build strong consistent ARPU and MRR for the company through a target 30% attach rate.

Increased product addiction.

Build and improve on current rock solid metrics to get 60% of our users using the app 2+ days per week, becoming the foundation of family communications.

Expand Profitable Sales Channels.

Further tap into latest content from micro influencers to expand our online marketing arsenal while opening up new untapped channels such as Amazon and later diving deeper into retail. Sales growth miles stones include rapidly growing to $10+ million this year, with sales reaching $100+ million per year by 2021.

Drive further viral expansion.

Build out additional features that promote independent app adoption from Loop hardware, later optionally up selling hardware as users find value in the in app experience.

Loop is offering securities under Rule 506(c) of Regulation D through SI Securities. Additional information may be obtained here.