Setting up Loop



Setting up your Loop

Plug in your Loop with the supplied power adapter and USB cable. Your Loop will automatically turn on and guide you through the setup process.

Please note that Loop’s USB cable may not work with other USB wall outlets and power adapters. For best results only use the supplied power adapter. setting up

Download the Loop iOS app on the App Store. You can find it by searching for ‘Loop display’ or by clicking the app store badge at

app store

Open the app and create a user account. If you're setting up multiple Loops for family members take a look at the guide 'User accounts and Loops' at the bottom of this page for some suggestions on how to set things up.

A prompt will appear on your phone afterward signaling that you’re ready to setup your Loop.

Note: You will need to have bluetooth enabled on your phone to begin but you do not need to pair with Loop - this happens automatically. install app

Choose a name for your Loop.

name loop

Select your wifi network and enter its password.

Note: The list of wifi networks shown are the networks your Loop sees. Set your Loop up in the location you intend to keep it so you know the Loop has good wifi reception. If the network you’re looking for isn’t showing up try moving your Loop to a different location.

You can also set up Loop for a family member’s wifi network. Set up the Loop on your network first and then follow the remote wifi network setup guide afterward.

wifi setup

Your app and Loop will show the following confirmation letting you know that it’s successfully joined the wifi network.

wifi connect

Once your Loop connects to the internet, it’ll check for any software updates. If there are any it will perform an update before proceeding to the next step. This will take several minutes.

You can continue to the next step below while this happens.

software update

After your Loop finishes updating you’re ready to setup your first channel. We’re going to start with creating a channel from your phone’s camera roll.

get started

Tap the Camera Roll button below.

camera roll

Select the photos you’d like to add into your first Loop channel. You’ll be able to add more photos and make additional channels later if there’s anything you missed.

select photos

Now choose a name for the channel you put together and tap the Done button to finish.

name channel

Your Loop will begin to download the new photos and videos. This may take a few moments depending on the number of photos and the speed of your internet connection. Take a look at the channel tutorial in our next guide to learn how to create other channels on your Loop.

setup complete

Take a look at the channel tutorial in our next guide to learn how to create other channels on your Loop.

User accounts and Loops

If you’re setting up multiple Loops and giving them to family members you’ll want to take a moment and think about how you setup the user account(s) and the Loops are connected to.

Setting up multiple Loops on one account:
Setting up your Loops on one account lets you easily control all of them them right from your app. You can create channels, add new content and change the Loop’s settings at any time. This is the best setup approach when you’re the one controlling and using the Loops (or acting as their administrator).

If the following applies to you, we recommend setting up your Loops all under one account:

- I have multiple Loops within my house.
- I want to setup Loop and give it to my parent’s. My parents won’t be using a phone to interact with the Loop and I want to easily control and add new content to it.

Note: If you’d like your spouse or other people in your house to be able to control your Loop as well, you’ll need to share your login with them. We recommend creating an account with your email address to make it easier to share your account credentials instead of Facebook or Google login.

Each Loop on its own account:
Setting up Loops on individual accounts will make each device independent. If you wish to share photos and videochat between accounts (and their respective Loop) you’ll need to invite the other account to share your channels first.

We recommend setting up your Loop on seperate accounts if you want each person using the Loop to have independent control of the Loop. This will also allow everyone to keep their personal channels, photos, and social media on private on each account.