The settings portion of the mobile app allows you to customize your Loop, manage your content, and more.


Channel settings is where you go to manage all of the content attached to your Loop account. You can view a listing of your channels, information about them, control which Loops each channel displays on, and delete channels you no longer want.


Loop settings allows you to control the behavior of each individual Loop attached to your account. You can change screen brightness, photo transition speed, and wi-fi network on each of your Loops.


View and edit your user account information.


View step by step tutorials explaining how to use Loop.

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Sign out

Sign out of your Loop account.


Loop settings

Each Loop connected to your account will be listed under the Loops section and can be individually controlled.

Note: Screen brightness and photo transitions can be controlled from anywhere as long as your phone and Loop both have an internet connection. Only the account that setup the Loop can control its settings. It is not possible for multiple accounts to control one Loop. You must have bluetooth enabled and be within range in order to change Loop’s wi-fi network. loop settings

Screen brightness settings allows you to control both the brightness of Loop’s screen and enable automatic screen dimming.

Enabling automatic dimming will cause the screen to dim when your room is dark and reduce bright glare coming from your Loop. Turning the knobs or touching the top surface will temporarily turn the screen to full brightness.

screen brightness