Our mission is to create new ways of connecting people to what is important to them.

Our story.

This story of Loop started with a simple problem, Brian wanted to send pictures of his infant son to his Dad who lived across the county. Nothing seemed easy. So he built the first prototype of a wifi connected screen and connected it to a homegrown app on his phone - his dad loved it Soon after he realized that despite the amazing advances in mobile technology, nobody had designed a great in-home way of experiencing the troves of personal pictures and videos that are created but never viewed.

Struggling to find a design that could be more approachable than most technology products, he met up with Ethan, a designer by training and together they created a product that was both simple and beautiful. The magic of the design attracted the attention of amazing people and partners who believed in Loop’s ability to create a new experience in the home.


Meet our team.

Brian Gannon - CEO

Brian Gannon


Ethan Ballweber - DESIGN

Ethan Ballweber

Sam Freeman - HARDWARE

Sam Freeman


Sital Mistry - SOFTWARE

Sital Mistry

Our office.

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